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Therapeutic House Martin Keymer!

The concept of the Therapeutic House Martin Keymer was coined and defined by Martin Keymer in 1992.

The Therapeutic House tries to communicate the fundamentals of a right lifestyle without pursuing dogmas or paradigms that also exist in the naturopathic field. The individual starting situation of the person plays an essential part.

The Basis of the Therapeutic House Martin Keymer – eating, drinking, care, exercise and psychosocial environment – serves to establish the prerequisite of a far reaching therapeutic approach and the capability for an effective detoxification and a sufficient vital energy potential as well. The resulting master treatment plan in the holistic medical sense bases on the bioenergetic therapy in the real paradigm of holistic medicine body, mind and soul.

Das Therapeutische Haus nach Martin Keymer dient dem Wohle der nach Rat und Hilfe Suchenden und hat als Ziel das Gesundwerden und (das ebenso wichtige) Gesundbleiben.

The contents of this website is addressed to medical practitioneres, naturopaths or other medical circles and does by no means substitute the consultation/treatment by a medical practitioner or naturopath.

Legal notice: The products, statements and therapy information for naturopathic therapists introduced on this website correspond to the therapy concept of the so-called bioresonance therapy. The bioresonance therapy is considered controversial and not acknowledged by scientific medicine. Therefore this applies also to the mentioned products. The statements primarily base on my (Martin Keymer) knowledge and the experience of the user of my therapy concept.