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Biography Martin Keymer

Martin Keymer was born on March 16, 1954 in Attendorn, Sauerland, Germany. From childhood on he was influenced by his father, who worked as a classical country doctor in the old tradition of the family doctor who treated every family member from cradle to old age. When his father died at an early age, he had influenced his son so much that he followed his father’s medical footsteps. Soon he was confronted with medical helplessness due to allergic and asthmatic difficulties he had to live with. When he had his third bone fracture at the age of 15, caused by an osteomalacia that had developed due to high cortisone doses to treat his allergy problems, he turned to natural healing methods.

After high school graduation, he attended a school for natural healing and took his final examinations in 1979. After an assistant period that included teaching duties at his old school for natural healing, he opened his first practice for natural healing methods in Braunschweig, which he closed down after a year and a half in order to enroll in a medical school.

After two semesters of medical studies, he decided to devote himself to natural healing methods. An important milestone was the distinct improvement of his allergies greatly through consistent natural healing methods. He then opened a new natural healing practice in Schleswig-Holstein, which rapidly became well known throughout Germany and in other countries.

1982, when he was already an internationally recognized lecturer especially in the field of bioenergetic test methods, he came across bioresonance therapy and soon became a specialist in bioenergetic diagnostics and therapy.

In 1986, he was elected vice-president of the society of BICOM Resonance Therapy and became its president in 1990.

He founded the International Group for Bioenergetic Diagnosis and Therapy Systems, which then became the School for Energetic Diagnosis and Therapy Systems (SEDT), which in 1990 led to educational activities at the I.M.U. College.

His constant inquiring mind was always opening new doors within bioenergetic diagnostics and therapy. He was pushed by his own positive health experiences, because finally in 1989, through the allergy therapy developed by Dr. Schumacher, Innsbruck, he was completely free of his severe allergic stresses. In 1989, he began his work on the development of paraffin-free and allergy-free skin care, which he completed in 1991.

The Dermatologisches Privatinstitut was founded by Martin Keymer in 1992 as ‘Dermatologisches Privatinstitut Martin Keymer GmbH’ in the course of his conception of the Therapeutic House Martin Keymer. Since then he is owner-manager of the GmbH.

At first, Dermatologisches Privatinstitut served as a distribution platform of the so-called Martin Keymer’s concept, a specially developed skin and hair care concept for naturopathic practises.
Quickly, however, the focus was changed to the production and distribution of the medical products, also developed by Martin Keymer himself, such as the Original Keymer Test Sets, consisting of bioenergetic test and therapy ampoules, and their accompanying products such as the Original Bioresonance Oil and Original Bioresonance Mineral Drops. Both product categories are important cornerstones for the so-called Cross-linked Test Technique, a technique that he developed in the course of his longstanding and succesful practice in the field of bioenergetic holistic medicine.

This focus is unchanged till to date and represents – besides so pioneering product developments like the EMF-protection by therapeutic-house Martin Keymer® and the 5 transformation phase sets ‘More strength for my element’ – still the core business of the Dermatologisches Privatinstitut.

He had laid down his initial thoughts of Cross-linked Test Technique already in 1988. They were realized in 1992, in collaboration with Alfred Schwarze, naturopath from Bad Segeberg, with the first test set of the 5-element theory. Consequential research for Cross-linked Test Technique begun and since then many test sets with the known possibilities in the bioenergetic diagnostics and therapy system have been developed (attached please find background information on the Cross-linked Test Technique and the Original-Keymer-Test Sets as well as a list of the availabe Test Sets).

In spring of 1995, Clear Water Equipment GmbH was established, which works on the energizing and revitalizing of reverse osmosis cleaned water, the Aqua-Vitalis-System.

In autumn 1995 In Vivo B. V. was founded that works with supplemental nutrition substances, taking into consideration the bio-availability of these products.

The company natürlich! Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG was founded in 2007 and complements the port folio of the company syndicate by the distribution of health products.

The development and structure of the Therapeutic House, he coined this term in 1992, his extensive educational activities at the I.M.U. College, College for Holistic Health, and other institutions in Germany and abroad on the occasion of colloquiums, congresses, a great number of publications and his vast research activities have created an uniform, logical system of bioenergetic holistic medicine. Natural healing medical methods are hard to imagine without this system.

In 2001 Martin Keymer focussed on setting up a new structure of advanced training at the I.M.U. College for naturopaths and medical doctors. Meanwhile the I.M.U. seminars are hold in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Malta.

The I.M.U. College offers three different final degrees:
· I.M.U. College-Graduation in Holistic Health
· I.M.U. College-Graduation in Holistic Health of Veterinary Science
· I.M.U. College-Graduation in Manual Chiropractice Therapy according to Aravski

With this variety of seminars for beginners as well as for experts the I.M.U. College Martin Keymer has established itself as a renowned international and independent training institution for bioenergetic holistic medicine.

The I.M.U. College wants to teach, embody, spread and anchor the comprehensive real paradigm of naturopathy: body, mind and soul.

Publications (selection):

“Compendium of Holistc Bioenergetic Medicine” (46 chapters with more than 1,200 pages), which is updated annually.

“Tumour diagnosis and tumour therapy on the basis of the cell apoptosis”

“Treating auto aggression illnesses systematically with the bioresonance therapy”

“The holistic drainage of mesenchymal stresses with the bioresonance therapy”

„Parasitism – An illness cause which is given little attention“

“Bicom-Resonance-Therapy (BRT) – Diagnosis and therapy system in the ultrafine bioenergetic area”

“Bioenergetic Therapy”

“Life is unpredictable. Life is much more than bits & bytes”

“The secrets of the rhythm of life and the universe. Their importance for becoming and staying healthy”

“Water – The origin of all life”